Videoma Multi-Media Archive Management – MAM

Multi-Media Archive Management

Media Management Platform

The platform Videoma, available on-premise and on cloud configurations, stores and manages efficiently all Video, Audio and Image Content.

From small Repositories, to large Multimedia Collections. You control your files.

Additionally, the platform Videoma can import historic databases while preserving all existing documentation (new associated metadata).

  • Process large volumes of audiovisual information or documentation coming from different sources, languages, and formats
  • Simplify complex searches over great content collections through predefined criteria set by the user (full-search)
  • Create one or more documentation templates configured for each use
  • Store the contents in different qualities to optimize resources according to system needs
  • Cutting tools, clips generation and creation of new content
  • Plug-in for Professional video editors such as Adobe Premiere Video
  • Exploitation and content delivery & associated metadata via XML files or API integration
  • Viewing of detailed usage logs
  • Setting different access permissions per user / groups
  • Incorporates analysis techniques that facilitate automatic content indexing for its search and cataloging (speech to text, OCR, audio fingerprint)
  • Multi-language customized interface


  • Ingest from analog or digital sources
  • Manually upload files
  • Ingest large volumes of pre-cataloged content

Formats :

  • Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, DV, DVCPRO, IMX, MXF, AVI, FLV, ProRes, etc.
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, MPA, AAC, etc.
  • Images: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, EXIF, etc.
  • Documents: PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.


  • Metadata configured by user for video, audio, clips, images, or documents
  • Storyboard generation
  • Creation of video clips and EDLs


  • Manual or automated clipping (through recognition systems)
  • Complex and fast content searches (full-search)
  • Reports generation
  • Transcoding of videos, clips, or EDLs. Natively or to predefined formats
  • API to publishing content on the client’s web


  • Web Access, through LAN/VPN/Internet, web services (SOA)


  • Unlimited
  • Functionalities management and users/groups access levels.
  • Detailed usage logs

Back Ups and Storage:

  • Customized back up configurations and deletions for automated loop recordings
  • Unlimited storage management
Important Features
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Multi-language and Multi-format archive opiton of video, audio document materials.
  • The Facial and Vocal Biometrics module allows the correct identification of people in video and audio files.Special Characters Recognition (OCR), license plates, or logos.Generate audio or video clips automatically using keywords. The Statistics and Reporting module will display the results of the analysis.
  • Create user groups according to their functionality roles and access levels. Control file movements and tasks, using detailed usage logi
  • Cutting tools, allowing the indexing and selection of representative keyframes. Make use of relevant moments, saving them into video clips or EDLs.
  • Direct integration with professional editing programs like Adobe Premiere, through Videoma plugins
  • Export the content to any format, easing its edition, distribution, and integration with Broadcast Systems (playout).
  • Generate audio or video clips automatically using keywords. The Statistics and Reporting module will display the results of the analysis.
  • Multi Language user interface.
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