Athensa Studio Playout

Athensa Studio provides content playout for News, Live shows, Studio screens and video walls, live production broadcasts and other places where video/audio content have to be displayed. It is designed to meet the high reliability requirements of broadcast playout.

For live productions, any changes to the playlist during on-air session are possible! There are no locked clips. Every clip in the playlist can be trimmed or re-positioned. Moreover, playout position can be changed on-the-fly with commands like next, jump or shuttle. Such changes are performed seamlessly without stopping current playout session.

One server can be configured with up to four independent players. Each player has separate playlist and playout control. All four SDI interfaces can be assigned as program or preview outputs. Single channel or Multichannel user interfaces are available to streamline the operation

  • On-air playlist editing;
  • Mixing of different video resolutions and formats in a single playlist;
  • Playback of clips still being captured;
  • Logical content trimming;
  • Multi-channel audio playout;
  • High reliability and seamless playlist playback;
  • Shuttle operations over the playlist with up to +/-32x speeds;
  • Single user interface can control four channels;
  • Law latency response;
  • Loop for the entire playlist;
  • Loop, Continue, Hold Last Frame, Cue Next, Stop per playlist item;
  • Remote control via GPI, VDCP or MOS protocol;
  • Easy integration with third party system


Compression MPEG; HDV; DV AVC/H.264; VC-1; DVCPro HD*; DVCPro 50*; DVCPro*in MXF container



Media Containers MPEG (system stream, program stream, tranport stream) AVI; DV; MFX; QuickTime; GXF; LXF; MOV (AVC-intra); MP4 (AVC-intra)


Supported Video Boards

DeckLink DeckLink Duo 2, DeckLink 4K Extreme, DeckLink 4K Pro, DeckLink SDI 4K, DeckLink Studio 4K

Media File Formats

HAVC/H.265 Transport Stream, QuickTime
MPEG2 MPG (Program Stream); M2P (Program Stream); M2T (Transpor Stream); TS (TransportStream); Open DML AVI and WAV (mono and stereo); QuickTime; MXF; GXF
DV OpenDML Type 1 and Type 2 AVI; QuickTime; DV; MFX; GXF
HDV MPG (Transport Stream); M2T/TS (Transport Stream); QuickTİme; 4MXF; GXF
H.264-AVC/ MPEG4 part10 TS (Transport Stream – SPTS and MPTS)
MPEG1 MPG (System Stram)


Minimum System Requirments

CPU Single intel i7 (9th Generation) CPU 
RAM 16 Gigabyte (GB) DDR4 RAM
HDD 256 GB Pro/Enterprise SSD System Disk, Enterprise Video Disk
Important Features
  • Video Server / Client  engine support
  • XML playlist support
    3. party XML playlist import option allows to integrate into different workflows
  • Multiviewer support via SDI card output.
  • Single channel action command buttons can be configured  command all other channels for sycncronized start / stop pause actions.
Do you need help ?

Please click the button above and download the Remote Assistant Software. After you have run the program please share the ID information with our technical support team

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