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SLA 7/24 support service solutions are there to help and fix hardware software workflow problems of our customers as as soon as possible, if the solution of problem requires a high level technical expertise, we will make sure our customers receive fastest and most efficient support and up to date technical advice possible .

Our most valued mission is to provide a satisfactory experience to our customers working with us . We have created 7/24 Technical Support line to make sure our customers always receive the best support care possible.

Please contact with us to have more information about our SLA and 7/24 services.
7/24 Technical Support Line : +90 850 532 75 69

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can i benefit from 7/24 support without a fee?

    Of course, all of our customers that made an upgrade or bought a software from us
    in a year can benefit from 7/24 support. If your case does’nt match this criteria, standart technical support procedure will be applied.

    7/24 support service prioritize urgent support requests.

  2. Can we have 7/24 ``on site`` SLA service ?

    Always! As stated above we are providing SLA services to many big corporations in Turkey. Under SLA service agreement you can have on site 7/24 support anytime anywhere.

    If u are interested in our 7/24 SLA service please contact our team via sales@techlab.com.tr

  3. I am having a problem with one of your products how can i receive support?

    First, for first diagnosis of the problem u are experiencing, please click “Download Remote Assistant Software”, button in the right side of this page and download the remote assistant program.

    After you have run the program please share the ID information with our technical support team via e-mail : support@techlab.com.tr or phone : +90 850 532 75 69.

    Technical support staff will request ur approval to connect the system, upon your approval, technical support staff will connect your system and help you accordingly with problem u are experiencing

  4. Can we contact TechLab only if we have a problem or can we contact TechLab if we have a questions or if we require a technical advice?

    Even if u dont experience any problems please feel free to contact with us for any question you have, we are always here for you!

  5. If i have experienced a problem, should i try to fix it by myself or should i contact TechLab immediately?

    Whenever you have experience a problem you should contact with our technical department. TechLab technical team can identify and fix your problem accordingly with haste, any interaction with a problem on ur own can make it worse and could prolong solution process.

  6. I can't reach your Technical Support line.

    7/24 Technical Support line is in service actively including official vacations.

    When you call, you can hear “Our working hours, official vacations excluded between 9:00 and 18:00″ when u hear this message you can either try again working hours or you can press 5 and contact our emergency 7/24 support line.” this automatic message.

  7. I don't want to wait while system connecting me to operator. What can i do ?

    We know our customers time are very valuable. We are trying to provide you a quality and fast service.

    If you can’t connect to a operator in short instance , you don’t have to wait, our smart central will notify our technical support team and a technical staff will contact with you accordingly as soon as possible.

  8. Is guarantee policy applies to problems caused by user mistake ?

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible, problems caused by user mistake other then system errors or error caused by software malfunction are evaulated under standart technical procedure fees.

    Virus, Malware, Ransomware, infections.
    Manipulation of software without knowledge or advice from TechLab support team.
    Changing any hardware in Turnkey systems without knowledge or advice from TechLab support team.
    Formatting the system, without knowledge or advice from TechLab support team.
    Third party software instalations.
    Manipulation of operating system files or registry.
    Installing systems in unclean, and warmer then 21°C system rooms

    If TechLab technical staff encounters such problems, system / product guarantee will be invalid and support service will be subject to standart technical procedure fees.

  9. What is the difference between 7/24 Support Service and Standart Support Service ?

    7/24 remote support service is provided to customer that bought or upgraded their system in last 1 year.

    7/24 support service is provided to customers with SLA agreements. If you have an 7/24 SLA agreement whenever a problem occurs , immediately remote connection and diagnosis starts then permanent solution will be provided on site.

    Standart technical support service is provided via e-mail only in working hours, if you have an old software without a ASM( Annual system maintenance) plan.

Do you need help ?

Just click the button above and donload the Remote Assistant Software. After you have run the program please share the ID information with our technical support team

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